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Shubhendu Sharma Founder and Director, Afforestt

Shubhendu Sharma completed his Bachelors degree in Industrial and Production Engineering in 2007 and worked at Toyota as an Engineer in the automobile manufacturing, supplier development and global production centre in India and Japan. While working at Toyota he got exposed to Miyawaki Method of afforestation which he learned and practiced for 2 years during his career at Toyota.

In 2011 Shubhendu launched Afforestt, a company which specialise in making forests using Miyawaki Method in urban areas, these forests are as small as 1,000 Sq ft. comprising of 300 trees and grow 10 times faster with 30 times more green surface area compared to a conventional plantation.

He has also developed algorithms to standardise the process of afforestation using Toyota Production System concepts which enables us to develop multi-layered forests which utilise 100% vertical space resultingin ultra-dense native, natural, self-sustaining forests in a period of just 2 to 3 years.

In last 6 years, Afforestt has made 102 forests in 36 cities in 6 countries.Shubhendu is an INK Fellow (2012),TED Fellow (2014) and an Ashoka fellow (2013)

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