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Carin Smuts, C S Studio, Pretoria, South Africa

Born in 1960, in Pretoria, South Africa, Carin Smuts has closely seen apartheid as an Afrikaner- a term used for German, French and Dutch descendants who colonised the country. Studying in an all-whites school, she was deeply affected by the racial discrimination and at a young age vowed to help the victims. She established C S Studio Architects in 1984 after her graduation in architecture from Cape Town, to work with the underdeveloped communities and learn from them. With her studies in vernacular methods of construction rooted in relevance of context in traditional villages, and space and land occupation of different cultural communities, she has developed an interactive and participative style of architecture where the participation extends beyond the social aspects into making. She believes the studio`s design process is fuelled by the wealth of information collected from listening to people.

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