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Channa Daswatte, MICD Associates, Sri Lanka

For many, Channa Daswatte would be an undeniably romantic architect from Sri Lanka. Closely associated with Geoffrey Bawa and C Anjalendran, Channa comes from an architectural background that is anchored in thought and reflection on the place. Channa is a pianist, a writer and a skilled artist who advocates putting pen to paper to make meaningful design and prose, something he has fashioned since his undergraduate days at the University College of London. A traveller and a voracious reader with a personal interest in the subject of anthropology Channa’s practice,MICD Associates in located in Sri Lanka. Channa believes that architecture is defined by the definition of behavioural territories. He investigates how each structure demarcates a territory and more so in case of personal spaces, where within each space the sense of territory is imbibed by occupants as a matter of cultural or even human response. Thus, even without architectural labels people define enclosures personally making separate spatial codes for outsiders to behave inside these spaces. His principle is to design ‘in denial of the outside’, like Bawa, in not so much as a socio-cultural disconnect but in terms of ‘creating an outside’ within the peripheries of a site thus providing opportunities to cut away from the thoughtless and attention-seeking urbanscapes of today.

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