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Dominic Sansoni, ThreeBlindMen Photography, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dominic Sansoni is a photographer born (in 1956) and brought up in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He received his education at the St Peter’s College, Colombo and West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK. He later graduated from Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology in 1979. A professional photographer who started working in 1980, Sansoni is known as a photographer who does not like to discuss his philosophy. In fact he claims to have none, quoting ‘I see a picture worth taking, I point the camera. I shoot.’ What can be deduced from his photography though, is a fascination with sacred and human spaces. Familiar with the communities of the country in great depth and having done an extensive body of his work there, his enchantment with sacred spaces is rooted in the multi-religious society of Sri Lanka. He has a keen interest in observing how people live, their patterns, intimate relations with and personal stylisation of space. Dominic Sansoni tries to capture through his work - what he feels is magical about a place, what is vanishing and what is lost with a sense of nostalgia, or even compassion but not as much of sentimentality - as one might observe. His mode of expression has been through travel assignments and documentaries. Since 2006, Dominic works with ‘ThreeBlindMen Photography’, a Sri Lanka based collaborative with two other founding photographers namely Rukshan Jayewardene and Sebastian Posingis.

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