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Glenn Berrill, Director TBLD, Australia

Glenn Berrill (Ba Sc Hons Landscape Architecture), as co-director of TBLD, offers over 25 years professional experience as a Landscape Architect and Waterway Designer in the planning, design, documentation and delivery of innovative waterway restoration projects encompassing urban waterways, wetlands and coastal environments along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

TBLD's practice is passionately committed to protecting and restoring the health of our waterways, by inspiring governments and communities to build capacity to achieve outstanding and heroic waterway restoration projects with courage to develop holistic designs that achieve improved waterway health and living environments. These waterway projects recognise the resilience in our rivers, they inspire and provide confidence to transform them into healthy environments for local communities, providing outstanding ecological, recreational and educational experiences to build awareness and empower governments and communities to champion delivery and ownership.

Our practice is professionally inspired and driven to assist communities with meaningful disruption of waterway degradation, to build on the inherent resilience of waterways to survive, recover and thrive. It is in this environment that Glenn welcomes the opportunity to visit Mumbai and share our experiences and passion with the future custodians of India's waterways.

Waterway transformation takes energy, time and investment that is guided by a highly resolved and technical strategic masterplan, underpinned by proven precedents and technical advice, to build awareness and confidence in the potential to restore waterways. In 2017 -18 our practice will deliver 5 major waterway transformation, restoration, naturalization and renewal projects on various waterways in the Sydney catchment, and one of the largest and innovative integrated waterway projects in Melbourne's history.

We look forward to sharing our professional vision that rivers are not drains or sewers, they are living habitats that can become inspirational living places for communities as they discover their rivers resilience to recover and become healthy waterways for future generations to live nearby, enjoy and protect.

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