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Hélène Binet, United Kingdom

One of the best-known architectural photographers, Hélène Binet’s work exposes the achievements, strength, pathos and fragility of the built or un-built environment. Over a period of 25 years Hélène Binet has photographed both contemporary and historical architecture; often following the work of contemporary architects from construction through completion. Her interest in working sites develops out of an investigation of what lies behind the extravagant forms and perfect lines of architecture. Hélène Binet prefers to portray finished forms pictured at night, with sporadic illumination; with obscurity isolating them, the light accentuates their volumes. Hélène Binet’s work highlights the idea of abstraction, importance of materiality and light, the experience of space, and the emotional power of architecture. Being a staunch advocate of analogue photography, Binet works exclusively with film.

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