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Shri I. M. KADRI , I.M. KADRI ARCHITECTS, Mumbai, India

Recognised as one of the innovative architects internationally, I. M. Kadri has an unrivalled commitment to professional aesthetics, competence and utility for his creations. Equally strong, all through a career spanning over four decades, has been Kadri’s pronounced urge for social upliftment, justice and eradication of inequalities.

As an architect he has left his imprint on landmark buildings in several important cities of India, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Tajkistan and other places. These include hospitals (from 50 to 500 beds), five-star hotels (including beach resorts), educational institutions, college campuses, industrial townships and plants as also a film city.

One creation of Mr. Kadri earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. It was a glass mural of 135 feet in height, the biggest in the world, which adorns the Ramada Hotel in Dubai. It stretches over the 12 storeys of the imposing building, based on the 17th century Moghul style. It shows a floral design with birds unobtrusively in the background. The colour scheme begins with rich dark ruby reds and purples and changes through violet, mauve and other shades to a flame colour on the top panel. Each design and construction of Mr. Kadri has a philosophy behind it, ultimately merging the building into the background and capturing the ethos and the ambience of the location and site and the purpose behind the structure. He places great emphasis on landscaping for all his buildings, giving each one a mark of distinction.

This is evident even in projects designed by him for mass housing and redevelopment of slums.

All this brought him listings in ”Who’s Who in the World” and “Men of Achievements” (of International Bio-graphical Centre, Cambridge, U.K). He was also awarded a citation in 1993 as an Outstanding Architectural Engineer by the Institution of Engineers (India). He won the Best Design Award at the International Competition for the Kowloon Mosque in Hong Kong.

Mr. Kadri was one of 17 architects world-wide invited to the Convention of World Architects held in Isfahan in 1970. He has also been a member of the Joint Committee on tall Building, Lehigh University, U S A (under UNESC