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Lars Muller, Lars Müller Publishers, Zurich, Switzerland

A well-known name because of its extensive publishing house, Lars Müller is based in Switzerland. Born in Oslo in 1955, Norwegian by birth, Lars, after an apprenticeship as a graphic designer and years as peripatetic student in the United States and Holland, returned to Switzerland in 1982 to establish his own studio in Baden. In 1983, as Lars Müller Publishers, he started publishing books on typography, design, art, photography and architecture, working closely with the authors to present work of great independence, quality and content in highest possible standards. It has not ceased since then and has produced about 300 books with the similar richness of content. The matter and the subject for the books are chosen and the books are carefully edited and designed. Over the years the publication has produced books that map the journey of art, design and architecture, bringing relevant and radical people from the field to the fore. The publication, under its programme ‘School of Seeing’ brings together authors, designers and artists who stand for the quality and tenacity in their own right. Müller, since 1996, also partners in ‘Integral Concept’- an interdisciplinary design group active in Paris, Milan, Zurich, Berlin and Montreal.

Lars Muller will also be in conversation with Steven Holl at the Conference.

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