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Li Xiaodong, Li Xiaodong Atelier, China

In 2010, Li Xiaodong received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the ‘Bridge School’. With a strong belief that good design is the result of spiritual exploration of ideas with rational thinking, Li Xiaodong’s design strategy starts with a careful analysis of the programme and site in relation to the available resources, which are central to the overall process of integrating ideas. His practice, Li Xiaodong Atelier, pursues a reflexive model of design, which envisages architecture as a product of constant conversation between the designer and the conditions he design with – the tangible and intangible; the human, physical and metaphysical environment. With designs that are not only meant to sustain themselves, but also the community at large, Li Xiaodong’s practice treats each project as unique and strives to add an uplifting spiritual characteristic, reflecting an overall balance of aesthetic quality, tectonic order, precise detailing with the programme. His work has won national and international design awards in China, Germany, the United States and the Netherlands.

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