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Minakshi Jain, Minakshi Jain Architects, Ahmedabad, India

Minakshi Jain, one of the most prominent conservation architects in India, finished her undergraduate education in architecture from CEPT- Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad in 1966 and pursued a masters’ from University of Pennsylvania studying under Louis I Kahn for two years before returning to India. Minakshi Jain, together with husband and conservation architect Kulbhushan Jain, has contributed to the community professionally with several award winning conservation projects, books and documentary films to their credit. Academically she has been involved as a faculty at CEPT since 1971. Minakshi Jain practices her patience in architecture as is evident in the restoration of Nagaur Fort, executed phase-wise within an extremely stringent budget, nevertheless winning the UNESCO award of excellence and later being nominated for the Aga Khan Award for 2013, the sole nominee from India in this cycle. Jain views each project as a carefully crafted response to traditionalism based on respect for sentiment and occasion of a structure, be it in restoration or architecture like the Mewar Complex. Her discipline of architecture requires the discretion of keeping with tradition, adhering to standards of conservation, craftsmanship as intricate as the past and an eye for design patterns without gimmicky re-enactment of history. Jain is known to be a stalwart in her field and has led many projects ranging from low-cost housing, earthquake relief building to conservation and architecture. Apart from her professional quests, alongside Prof Kulbhushan Jain, she also runs the AADI centre - an NGO for research in conservation studies, located in Ahmedabad.

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