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Palinda Kannangara, Sri Lanka

With the belief that architecture is all about having an individual philosophy and being disciplined while being open to new idea, Sri Lankan architect Palinda Kannangara describes his work as transforming ordinary spaces into beautiful, aesthetically recreated spaces. His practice accepts the realities of the scenery without hesitating to challenge it, respects tradition without being restricted by it, and exploits technology without letting it incarcerate feelings. Most of his designs are eco-friendly and draw heavily from the incorporation and creative use of nature, inspired by contemporary and tropical architecture to create practical, minimalist designs. Describing architecture as a never-ending story of learning, Palinda Kannangara loves experimenting with light, materials, and shapes to translate clients’ aspirations into reality, while taking every effort to surpass expectations. Especially proficient in the interplay of simple, pure forms that create vivid, subtle, spatial qualities, Palinda Kannangara appreciates the inherent beauty in minimalism.

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