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Peter Rich, Peter Rich Architects, South Africa

Peter Rich is perhaps one of the most significant architects in South Africa. He extensively documented the indigenous African settlements during the Apartheid in the 1970s. His work came in international focus when his documentation and analytical sketches were made public. He has been affiliated as the Professor of Architecture at University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg for 30 years. His architecture – contemporary in its idea – is built on years of his research and exposure. Peter has worked as an architect and activist designing for indigenous communities in remote and diverse contexts. Towards the end of apartheid and establishment of democracy, Peter Rich was engaged by the government in a crucial series of cultural heritage projects. These projects and his work within had deep social implications and were instrumental in resurrection of the South African spirit. His architecture has meaning, relevance and great social impact. In 2010, in recognition of his achievements, Peter was awarded the prestigious Honorary Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects and The South African Institute of Architects Gold Medal (the highest award for Architectural achievement in South Africa). His work is empathetic and responsive to the landscape of South Africa. Peter travels extensively and settles in-between in Johannesburg from where he practices.

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