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Pradeep Kodikara, Pradeep Kodikara Architecture, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan architect Pradeep Kodikara’s design style differs from one project to another, owing to permutations and combinations of various fundamentally necessary factors as according to time, place, client and budget, but always has an underlying distinct, contemporary Sri Lanka idiom. The constant, unifying element that drives his work is the constant reference to the outside world, which is essential in tropical architecture. His practice, Pradeep Kodikara Architecture, holds relevant sustainable design paramount, incorporating simple materials, cost consciousness and environment-friendly practices in the design approach that, in turn, becomes a distinct part of the practice’s architecture. Pradeep Kodikara’s work speaks of understated luxury, with rare yet impactful details, intuitively balancing elements, compositions and senses to sustain an experience that goes beyond being timeless.

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