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Sandeep Khosla, Khosla Associates, India

Bengaluru-based architect Sandeep Khosla innovatively fuses contextual tropical and residential architecture with local and new materials, inspiring designs that give traditional concepts a modern, unique interpretation. His practice, Khosla Associates, uses its distinct design identity to impart an inconspicuous yet elegant language to their projects, devoid of ‘screaming façades’ since ‘they have nothing to prove to anyone’. Creating spaces that are piquant mixture of ideas, layers, textures, levels, water bodies and pebbled places, the practice balances basic energies and natural and sumptuous materials, solid walls and glass expanses side by side; each complementing the other, instead of glaring contrasts. The practice also has a penchant for trendy, swish interior designs, having catered to the crème de la crème of local and global firms in fashion and lifestyle design, ranging from lounge bars and restaurants to corporate offices to retail spaces around the country.

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