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Sandeep Virmani, MD, KHNA & Hunnarshala, Bhuj

Established since sixteen years in the Kutch region, Sandeep Virmani took profit from this remote and arid district conditions to gain global/holistic understanding on the fields of water harvesting, organic agriculture, renewable energy, nomads’ living conditions, sociology and rights defence. Executive secretary of Sahjeevan, he developed projects such as decentralized administrated water pumping systems in villages and towns or communities environmental rights defence regarding industrializations. He is the managing director of Hunnarshala foundation (HSF) since its creation in 2003. This organization facilitates self-sustaining housing for the poor, favour artisans’ involvements in mainstreaming buildings and promotes local eco-friendly and cost-effective material sand technologies like earth and sewerage recycling. HSF has worked in disaster rehabilitation in India, Iran, Indonesia and Afghanistan. They provided technical guidelines and training to engineers and artisans as well as policy making for governments. Sandeep Virmani designs and guides the disaster rehabilitation and natural resource development programs in KNNA. Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan (KNNA), created in 1998, is a network of 27 NGOs, of Kutch working on policy, capacity building and natural resource management programs.

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