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Ar. Sanjay M. Patil, Environ Planners, Nashik, INDIA

The principal architect of the firm, Environ planners, hehas graduated from Sir J.J. College of architecture. The firm was established in 1981 in Nashik as ‘Environ Planners’ by ‘Ar. Sanjay M. Patil’.

Environ planners is an architectural firm that has always worked towards environment conscious architecture seeking inspiration from the nature and the tradition. Respecting nature has always been an integral element of the firm’s approach. The need of the hour being sustainable development, the firm’s efforts is consciously directed towards application of energy efficient principles to the building design. The firm has always over the years has designed for various institutional, industrial, residential, projects with each of those holding their own distinctive identity. The approach, to craft an environment together has expressed the ability to integrate landscape (symbolizing nature) with the built environment, which amalgamates interior and exterior to create a series of interactive spaces. The firm takes up the inspiration from vernacular architecture and fuse with modern technology to get the desired results, where simplicity prevails and nest with the nature.