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Sean Godsell, Sean Godsell Architects, Australia

With an impressive international reputation for exquisitely designed projects, Australian architect Sean Godsell’s aspiration is simple and practical – he wants people to re-view his buildings, again and again, and decode the complexity and layers within. Sean Godsell’s practice Sean Godsell Architects often employs inventive use of materials to create an elegant, living skin that becomes a filter for the external environment, while blurring the distinction between the inside and the outside. With an intriguing mix of social conscience, ingenious design and austere aesthetics, Sean Godsell’s work also addresses humanitarian concerns with design solutions for disaster relief, and shelters and food-distribution ‘Dignified Rubbish Bins’ for the homeless.
Sean Godsell designed the award-winning Future Shack, an emergency/disaster-relief housing made from recycled steel shipping containers that could be mass produced. He believes that great architecture is timeless, not enslaved by fashion while being well crafted, and accountable to the environment.

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