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Soumitro Ghosh, Mathew & Ghosh Architects, India

Soumitro Ghosh believes that architects need to carefully respond to the challenges posed by the tremendous boom in construction and a severe shortage of resources in Third World countries. The work of his practice, Mathew & Ghosh Architects, can almost be described as inhabited sculptures, with delicate scales. It boldly extends an abstract Modernist language, while being contextual and drawing from the vitality of places at the same time. Their buildings are a complex matrix of factors, with designs that are based on the thorough understanding of geology, sunlight, wind and overall climatic patterns, so that these elements may be manipulated to the design’s advantage. Addressing and reinventing the past, while believing in the contemporary, Soumitro Ghosh’s outlook towards thoughtful, reflexive architecture goes beyond the mundane. A pressing desire to introspect and build critical architecture that is rooted in its physic-social context, and simultaneously, at another level, to transcend context towards the abstract-universal triggers the work of Mathew & Ghosh Architects.

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